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We understand what it takes to guarantee fire safety. All business owners have a duty to conduct regular fire risk assessments – outsource it to us and we’ll take the heat off you.

Protect your premises –
and your reputation

Fire safety is a legal requirement for businesses under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The law dictates that all businesses must identify fire hazards and design and implement protective and preventive measures. This is done through a fire risk assessment, but not every business can manage this in-house it, since it is both time-consuming and expensive. This is where GC Fire Protection makes the difference.

We conduct a thorough fire risk assessment on the business premises, and our professional team ensures that fire safety conformance is guaranteed.

Delegate your fire
safety responsibility

Businesses already have a lot on their plate, and that is why most of them fail to comply with fire safety regulations. At GC Fire Protection, we have experience with fire risk assessments throughout the UK, and are accredited specialists with a brilliant track record. We have worked with schools, hospitals, retail shops, and businesses of all sizes.

Our professional and experienced risk assessors will conduct a comprehensive assessment to help you:

  • Identify key fire risk areas
  • Make informed decisions on fire protection and prevention
  • Produce a complete fire risk assessment in line with PAS 79 guidelines
  • Understand your legal obligations

We create detailed reports for fire risk assessments, so that you understand how your business is complying with fire risk assessment under current UK law


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